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A Letter from "The Prez"

Dennis V. Berwyn

Dear Fellow F.A.H.S. Alumni,

In 1997, ten former students of Frankfurt American High School met along the shores of Lake Hartwell in South Carolina for a Frankfurt Family get together. While we had been separated for many years, it was amazing how quickly the bonds of friendship formed during our youth regenerated.

That gathering touched us all emotionally in a way that we were not prepared for. It was at that original Lake Hartwell reunion that the idea for this web site was conceived. We felt the need to find more of our friends, and provide a way for other former Frankfurt High School students to find their friends. Over the last few years, the site has grown considerably from its humble beginnings. Thanks to the hard work of people like Lee Ann McPherson, '75, Matt Aaron, '76, Pete Shinn, '78, the late Linda Newbery '77 and many others, we now have a searchable database you can use to find your friends, and a yearbook section that you can use to see how people have changed over the years. And the web site continues to grow.

Please roam around fahs.org, and enjoy the pictures, the stories, and the comments from your friends. Many people have asked how they can help with fahs.org to make sure it continues. There are a number of ways. We are dependent on contributions from people like you for the fixed costs of running the web site. While all of the labor for the site is donated, we do have to pay for domain name registration, monthly web hosting costs and the occasional software upgrade. If you can possibly make a small donation, it will be greatly appreciated. Finally, we encourage you to send in your pictures, place your name in the database, and most importantly, come to the next Lake Hartwell gathering. Ask anyone who's been - its a party you'll never forget.

Best wishes to you all!

Dennis V. Berwyn '78

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